Exterior decorating

Reading, Berkshire, UK

Decorating the exterior of your property will obviously make it look great,but don’t just only think about it for its aesthetic benefits.

Decorating your property to a high standard will also help to protect it.

A good quality exterior decorating job is the first line of defense against the weather. A professional job should last for several years.

Trying to save money by delaying exterior painting can end up costing you more. Putting the work off now can increase the amount of preparation work required in the future.

The attention paid to the preparation is a key for a good quality long lasting finish.

Our exterior painting and decorating work include

  • Removing all existing loose, cracked, peeling or bubbled paint.
  • Treating or replacing rotten woodwork.
  • Removing and replacing damaged seals around window frames.
  • Renewing broken putty in windows.
  • Filling cracks and repairing holes in brickwork or masonry.
  • Cleaning all surfaces prior to painting.
  • Priming, undercoating and top coating woodwork.
  • Soffit repairs and painting.
  • Facia repairs and painting.
  • Sash windows renovation.
  • Metalwork preparation and painting (e.g. Gates and rails).

10% cash for referrals

Whether you use us before, or just find our website and are impressed with our work then feel free to recommend us to your friends or family you will get 10% of the job in cash if we carried out this job.

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